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About me

The purpose of our craft is to make dreams a fact.

Yes. I do strongly believe this. I truly love what I do and I thank every day for the privilege to work in art and design. I am a designer specializing in visual design, UI and user experience for mobile, web apps, games. I thrive when working in open, experimental and collaborative environments and am always looking to get involved in interesting challenging projects, with equally interesting and challenging artists and designers. I reply to all emails at: New York is where I live, work and play.

Specialties: Art direction for games, UX / UI Design, Information Architecture, Data Visualization, iOS, Droid, Web Development, Web and Mobile Usability, Branding, Agile development and task management in Jira, Basecamp, user testing, rapid prototyping and client presentation.

Production in:
• OmniGraffle
Adobe CC and latest, with emphasis on:
• Acrobat Pro, AfterEffects, Flash, Flash Builder, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
• TextMate, Coda, HTML/CSS, PHP/mySQL, WordPress, Transmit, Versions
• Various sound and video editing programs